We aspire to be at the forefront of renewable applications in India.

The Australian founders of the Optimal Power Solutions group began work on the company's core technology concepts in the 1980s. The direction of our team research has been towards validating the role of renewable energy in the 21st Century. The group has been consistently recognised as a highly innovative technology developer of power and communication technologies for industrial, renewable and distributed power applications.

Optimal Power Synergy India Pvt Ltd (OPS India) was incorporated in Kolkata in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Optimal Power Solutions, Australia. Since inception, OPS India has grown rapidly and is now playing a significant role in the provision of advanced power conditioning equipment to many clients in India.

Our competitive advantage lies in our portfolio of field proven products, India-wide service and support as well as our integration into the international OPS groups network of distributors and strategic partners. OPS India has engineering, testing and administrative operations in Bangalore and Kolkata with an expanding service base around India.